Приди и поддержи свою команду!

Приди и поддержи свою команду!
18 мая 2012
Приди и поддержи свою команду!
Центр Международного сотрудничества и Вятская гуманитарная гимназия приглашают всех желающих на дружественный чемпионат по футболу, в котором примут участие команды ВГГ, ФМЛ и интернациональная сборная. Матчи состоятся 21 мая в 14.00 на стадионе гимназии (Свободы. 76).
Одним из инициаторов чемпионата стал волонтер Тома Руссет, любимой игрой которого является футбол. Тома был зрителем футбольного турнира на Кубок ВГГ и под впечатлением «русских футбольных игр» он написал статью (см. часть 1 в Календаре событий от 12 мая).


I went to the inter-school football tournament in Kirov (part2)
«After the opening-ceremony, I was very curious to see how is the football in Russian schools. So I went everyday to see the tournament. 9 teams, 3 days of qualification games, 1 day for the 2 semi-finals and finals.
Because I played on this pitch a few days before the tournament, I knew that the quality of the grass would not help the players to play their best football. And actually I was right. The passes and controls of the ball are pretty difficult because there are a lot of bad bounces. Usually in this kind of conditions, the tactic becomes more important. Of course, a short pass has more chances to succeed than a long one.
But basically, there was no organization on the pitch inside the teams. Only a few teams had a system, and it was not a surprise for me to find them in Semi-finals and Finale. But this non-organization on the pitch was something I already found out, by watching many Russian football games. It is not only in this tournament, but generally the Russian football looks like this. In my opinion, it could be compare with the English “kick and rush” (long passes forward to the strikers, a very direct style), who already prove how efficient it could be when it’s well played.
But how I come from the south of France, I am more used to the Italian approach of football: a game very defensive (close to “Catenaccio”), with the preference given to a short pass backward than a long one forward,… But of course there is not a good and a bad football approach. The English dominated the football with their “Kick and rush” during the 70’s, and the Italian dominated Europe in the end-80’s/90’s.
About the atmosphere during the games, it seemed to me very respectful. The players are very fair-play, even during the Finale. They don’t cheat and there is not bad craftiness. Even when bad tackles happened, all the players stayed very calm and respectful. No provocation, no bad reactions. The atmosphere was always very calm, also thanks to the referee who managed the game very well. It was great to see that it is possible to play football with respect, because our football in the south of France is much more different on this point. We are more hot-headed, and each bad contact between 2 players put pressure higher.
Finally the tournament finished with penalty shots, and the closing ceremony. It was very interesting for me to see this tournament. Now I can figure out how is the football in Russian schools».

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