I went to inter-school football tournament in Kirov

I went to inter-school football tournament in Kirov
12 мая 2012
Wednesday, May 2nd 2012. I went to the opening ceremony of the inter-school football tournament.
As a foreigner volunteer, football fan and football player since many years it was very interesting for me to see this kind of event in Russia. I was thinking, it must but different than what I am used to. And I was right! It’s very different!
The day started with the preparation of the pitch, and the opening ceremony. This part was very interesting. It had something very formal and official. It started with a speech of the VHG’s director. All the teams present were staying in line, listening. Then the captain of the school 28 has been invited to raise the VHG - tournament flag, and we listen to the school’s anthem. It looks very well organized, very straight, almost military. In the south of France, I never saw something like that. The opening of all tournament are always very messy. No anthem, no flag raised up, no one is “standing at attention”. Everybody is speaking, getting ready, playing on the pitch or late and still not here. This is what we call “Mediterranean attention”. The atmosphere is more relax.
After this ceremony, it was time for the first game to start. But much to my surprise, the loudspeakers and microphone were out only for the opening ceremony! In France, during the games commercial and pop music in playing, and there is always someone screaming with the microphone during games (most of the time to tease the players and tell stupid things). Here, even during the game the atmosphere stay serious. Another surprise, was the absence of bar during the games. In the south of France we cannot imagine a tournament without bar. Basically it’s just one big garbage full of ice with soda cans inside, and a barbecue where someone cooks meat and prepare sandwiches. But our tournaments take place during one full day, each team plays many times during the same day, and the temperature is usually very warm. So it’s impossible not to drink something fresh.
But finally, the most impressive thing I saw, is the punctuality! I took part in a lot of football tournament in France, all very different. Some of them very well prepared, very official, some other more “underground”. But I never saw a tournament started and finished on time, and keeping the punctuality for each game. NEVER! I was surprised with the way you organize everything here.

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